The Designer

Who's Sam
That's me, in short for Samantha. I'm a 24 year old, working young adult who loves working with arts and crafts. To me, creating is a joy, especially pretty pieces

that comes in bright colors and beautiful prints.

How it all started?
It all started from a birthday gift ---- art tool kit for beginners. I got it from my aunt on my 16th birthday. Ever since I've been making cards and bookmarks and giving them out to friends as gifts. Later, I found myself with piles of paper scraps and "leftovers" from previous years of card making. Wanting to clear them, I decided to take whatever I got and put to good use. However it was only recently that I started making them for sale.

Why bookmark?
Because I love reading and it's my page keeper! It's small and handy, and it often possesses sentimental values that grows with time. It's affordable and a great gift to friends to remember you by. It lights me up every time, to flip open to a pretty print with a meaningful message behind.

Why greet cards?
Nothing beats the joy of receiving a handmade, self written card from someone you care or love. "Snail mail" that's what I call it. These are unique and one of a kind mail packages, that comes with a personal touch carrying lots of love. And I love making them and sharing with all.

So spread some love already! Pick a card and post it now =)

Signing off,
Sam <3>

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