Butterfly Effect


Do you like the action you just saw?!! Because I do! And oh boy am I excited to share this with you~ =) This is a fun card to have! Yep, just pull down the ribbon at the bottom of the card and you'll get your butterfly effect!!! Have fun!! =)

Price: RM12 per piece.
Status: Available.

Price: RM12 per piece.
Status: Available.

Price: RM12 per piece.
Status: Sold. Pre-order Required.

Offer: For a purchase of any 3 items and above, you'll get a rebate of RM0.50 for each item.

3 Enquiries:

luluclozet said...

where exactly u put the words???

is it inside the card or on the effect??


Designer said...


For the front cover, you can put the words on the slip of card where you pull down to cause the butterfly effect. So when pulling down the ribbon, you'll see the butterfly effect, while revealing your note!

And of course, you can put them inside the card. It is up to you!!! =) Place an order and let us know how you want your words to be placed! We will do our best to suit your preferences.

Sam =)

luluclozet said...

hai sam..
ok can i have the word ' hepi bufday 2 Zaidi ' on the slip of the card..
then the notes u put inside the card..
can i have the hawaiian or china doll, 1 only to be place inside the card?
put anywer u want,beside the notes maybe??
are u charge on dis doll??
last but not least,how many days u take to made this card??bcoz i want him to received by 12 april??
by the he's in Kuantan..
if u can do as wat i want,i will pay to u asap n place an order rite away..
plz reply me or u can reached me @ 0193988659.